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Do get in touch with us for any further information or to start your project. If you need support to launch this great plan of building a kit boat, do not worry, we are here to help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Short introduction of the concept

What to anticipate for the building?

The building can vary according to each one’s own time: 17 Weekends, 100 days, or 3 years…!

The building site is a life experience, for the family or the structure. The builders will be split between the pleasures of the boatyard and the impatience of the coming navigations. The construction site is a nice occasion to reinforce friendship away from the BBQ spot …nonetheless, it does not prevent you to end the lovely day spent glueing and stratifying near it.

Shelter’s dimensions: under tent or hard structure 8.5mx 5 or 6m are fine,  2.40m high for the bottom up and down turnings. If smaller room, the boat should be placed on small wheels if it needs be moved

Where can I see a Multimono?

Port Manech, La Rochelle, Quebec, Arcachon, Auros, Sanguinet, St Cyr Les Lesques, Marseille , UCPA Hyeres, UCPA Benodet, UCPA Bombannes, Guyanne, French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique), Mayotte, Greece, Ibiza, Fermanville, Soissons, Morocco.

Contact us to meet our customers on the spot.                                                                                                                   

Video tour of a completed boat:

…et à l’UCPA Bombannes

How to send a kit or a finished boat?
Either in a 40ft-container for a completed boat.

Or in 2 crates:

  • One 6.5m x 0.7x 0.7m crate
  • One 3.1m x 1.55m x 0.35m crate
Which is Multimono designer, Claude Martinuzzi’s favourite video?
Answer : Pirates of Sanguinet !!!

How to camp with a Multimono?

How to mast at sea?
Example of a boat yard: The Bag An Holl in Trebeurden

Partie 1 :

Partie 2

What is the budget required to build my Multimono?
  • From 21 525€ exc. taxes for the whole kit with rigging, mainsail and jib (videos + building plans)
  • From 38 368€ exc. taxes for a completed Multimono.
Any other questions?

You can check our YouTube channel or contact us directly.

Your contact person

Claude Martinuzzi

A former sports teacher, Claude Martinuzzi was the skipper of “Europe Auberge de jeunesse” during the Sailing Tour de France. He also set up the « Rencontres Scolaires de Bateaux Traditionnels » (school gathering of traditional boats), which became the “Young Sailor Challenge 2000”. 55 towns in France took part in this event, which brought together boats built through educational projects. And now this enthusiastic sailor has created the Multimono. The boat is designed for educational, family or collective events. Claude Martinuzzi soon felt the need to invent a simple, cheap concept that could be used for teaching youngsters, could be fun, warm hearts and bring life on to the water.

The Multimono is a “modular, versatile boat that adapts to the weather and the crew”