The Multimono 7.50

Build your own boat

A bit of background!

The Multimono was designed by Claude Martinuzzi. As a former PE teacher, Sailing option, in the high school of Pornic, he used to teach all his classes, 12 weeks of sailing a year for 17 years. Claude was the skipper of the boat « Europe Auberge de Jeunesse » during the « Tour de France à la voile ». He is also the founder of the « Rencontres Scolaires de Bateaux Traditionnels » (school meetings of traditional boats), now become « Défi jeunes marins 2000 » (young sailors challenge 2000).

That event gathered boats built under an educational project; 55 towns in France took part in it. Today, This passionate man is the designer of the Multimono which he considers his dream «educational tool». This boat and its construction site are designed for family or collective educational events. Very early, Claude Martinuzzi felt the need of imagining a new sailing /rowing concept, fast, easily implemented, simple, cheap, that could be used to teach youngsters, give pleasure and enliven hearts on the water.

The Multimono is « a modular and versatile boat that can adapt to the crew and the weather conditions».

Presentation of the Multimono

The Puzzle Kit designed is different from the “stitch and glue” method, the technique uses digital cutting, which is reassuring and ensures a perfect assembly of the MULTIMONO, built from certified eco-friendly plywood and epoxy. The Multimono is in tune with current environmental concerns. It has been improved since 2009, and is now entirely made in France from wood sourced from planted forests, and equipped with fittings from the Cantal region.

We work with the Resoltech range, a very versatile resin, and their mastic does not use dangerous fillers. The step-by-step gluing process is carried out directly on the boat, while other parts are fitted dry when the resin cures.

There are currently 43 successful boatyards around the world, thanks to a video and assembly guide, improved by our customers’ experiences for 10 years.

The Multimono is a versatile lifting centreboard dinghy, for sailing, rowing and motoring with a 30hp engine, to train and supervise novice sailors. It is the most cost effective solution for sailing clubs! Our custumers will confirm this: the UCPA sailing schools, FFV clubs, families, social centres, the Montreal School Board…

With its  4 headsails, yankee / staysail / gennaker / spi, as well as a 3-reef mainsail, the Multimono stands all the outings on strongly windy weeks! Plus the 400-litre centre ballast with automatic filling and emptying that remains available if necessary. The Multimono is built according to the EC standards for 11 crew mates (cat. C) or 13 (cat. D) with children.

For the adventurers, the wings are designed to have fun at all ages and taste the sensations of a multi-hull. For a soft approach, we suggest rowing and 30hp motoring for fishing or environment watching… Indeed, if you have the soul of a fisherman, you will be able to pick up your crab traps early in the morning under sail or with the powerful outboard engine, before the youngsters go sailing with their friends…

For camping enthusiasts, the Multimono can adapt to your wishes and give you lovely memories. This universal boat, rudder lifted, is towed by car with an average engine (100hp).

The Multimono 7.5 was also designed as the educational tool of the Eco Nautic Challenge, and to make such a plan of building a boat a dream.


Multimon on water (13 photos)

Multimono in progress (16 photos)

Simple & Light

The amazing simplicity when handling the Multimono comes from its light weight. A key advantage when places in harbours are rare and when you feel like using your boat everywhere all the time! From its trailer, the Multimono is ready to sail in fifteen minutes.


The Multimono has 100-year life span! It is also the result of a communitarian eco-construction, with the involvement of the ECONAV network We also raise public awareness through the “Eco Nautic Challenge” project.


This boat is particularly the most economic on water sports centres! 1 instructor on board, 10 possible trainees in category C, (11 children, 2 adults in category D), and large versatility sailing, rowing, motoring…It generates deep confidence to the public on board and they happily come back the following sessions!


On board your Multimono there is no water: the cockpit is wholly self-emptying, whether the boat is stopped or moving! If teens get crazy and capsize, the up-righting is easy because everything has been planned: light rigging, important volume of buoyancy, even at the top of the sail and with the full ballast, it is self-righting, with no water to scoop before heading on again!

Amazing stability

Inspired from the sturdy « Saintoises » which face the swell of the Atlantic, the Multimono behaves safely at sea thanks to its long V-hull and its grooves or steps that provide a great stability. The secret…is to increase the weight of the gravity centre with 400L ballast.


With the Multimono you can explore all kinds of water stretches and venture in 40cm of water, while being able to pull edges 65° of the wind without a centreboard. With low centreboard (1.70m), the boat is 45° upwind.

"Modern Houari" rigging

With a very peaked yard, you can enjoy a short and light mast (6.4 m and 10kg) and bear away at sea. Masting is very simple. Elegant and easy to use, the mast is modernised with a 5-metre yard and 2.6-kg weight made of carbon glass (or 1.8kg all carbon). And that makes the difference!


A boat to enliven a stretch of water all year through: sailing, rowing, sculling, jousting, water-skiing, wakeboard, dragon Boat, hiking, setting race committees, joining the “Semaine du Golfe” etc. The Multimono will meet your overflowing imagination!

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