Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Short introduction of the concept

What to anticipate for the building?

The building can vary according to each one’s own time: 17 Weekends, 100 days, or 3 years…!

The building site is a life experience, for the family or the structure. The builders will be split between the pleasures of the boatyard and the impatience of the coming navigations. The construction site is a nice occasion to reinforce friendship away from the BBQ spot …nonetheless, it does not prevent you to end the lovely day spent glueing and stratifying near it.

Shelter’s dimensions: under tent or hard structure 8.5mx 5 or 6m are fine,  2.40m high for the bottom up and down turnings. If smaller room, the boat should be placed on small wheels if it needs be moved

Where can I see a Multimono?

Port Manech, La Rochelle, Quebec, Arcachon, Auros, Sanguinet, St Cyr Les Lesques, Marseille , UCPA Hyeres, UCPA Benodet, UCPA Bombannes, Guyanne, French West Indies (Guadeloupe, Martinique), Mayotte, Greece, Ibiza, Fermanville, Soissons, Morocco.

Contact us to meet our customers on the spot.                                                                                                                   

Video tour of a completed boat:

…et à l’UCPA Bombannes

How to send a kit or a finished boat?
Either in a 40ft-container for a completed boat.

Or in 2 crates:

  • One 6.5m x 0.7x 0.7m crate
  • One 3.1m x 1.55m x 0.35m crate
Which is Multimono designer, Claude Martinuzzi’s favourite video?
Answer : Pirates of Sanguinet !!!

How to camp with a Multimono?

How to mast at sea?
Example of a boat yard: The Bag An Holl in Trebeurden

Partie 1 :

Partie 2

What is the budget required to build my Multimono?
  • From 21 525€ exc. taxes for the whole kit with rigging, mainsail and jib (videos + building plans)
  • From 38 368€ exc. taxes for a completed Multimono.
Any other questions?

You can check our YouTube channel or contact us directly.

+33 6 86 27 39 64